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 Isshi // The Reaper

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The Reaper

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PostSubject: Isshi // The Reaper   Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:34 pm




Due to his upbringing, Isshi isn't the most socially adept. He often considers himself superior to others, causing him to seem (and be) arrogant and smug at times. He has little patience for when things don't go his way, and can turn quite nasty at times because of it, being a selfish person. Isshi is also a curious person. Growing up sheltered and secluded, and having only the company of his grandparents, his tutor, and the workers, he didn't experience much of the world. Because of this, he has a distaste for the mundane things, and interested in the unique and impossible things. Isshi is a quick thinker, and highly adaptive in most situations (except, perhaps, social ones). Because of his education, he is also knowledgeable in many aspects.

Elemental Affinity:
Space | Fire | Nature

Statistical Progression Chart:

Accuracy --
Agility --
Defense -- High
Forge A. --
Magic A. -- Below Average
Magic R. -- Low
Stamina -- High
Strength -- Above Average

In the early days of Isshi's life, he witnessed his mother's death. He, however, has no recollection of this happen, or even that he knows that he witnessed it. In many ways, despite having no memory of the event, it has affected his overall personality, even with the knowledge of her death.

Isshi was taken in by his paternal grandparents, and as long as he could remember, he was with them. He had no knowledge about the whereabouts of his father, or even his family, and he got very little answers about him whenever he asked his grandparents. Isshi's grandparents were quite wealthy, and in their old age, spent most of their time parenting Isshi. They were as good as actual parents, or the closest thing to them.

When Isshi was four, rather than going to public school, he was privately tutored in his grandparents' home. As Isshi grew older, he excelled in his academics, though he showed no interest in them. In fact, he showed very little in anything, except fighting and death, as dark as that may seem for a small child.

Several workers at his grandparents' estate often sparred each other in their free time, when they didn't have to do their assigned tasks. Whenever he got a chance, he would spend his afternoons watching the fights.

While Isshi wasn't interested in reading, he was interested in death, and more specifically, the concept of death. Perhaps it was a cartoon or TV show that was running where the Grim Reaper made the appearance, or maybe it was due to some subconscious manifestation from his childhood trauma, but one way or another, Isshi had this pull towards death, be it the personification or the concept. He read and researched much about it as he could.

When Isshi was old enough, around the age of fourteen, he started joining the spars, secretly from his grandparents. The workers were initially unsure, but after reassurance, they eventually let him join in. Unsurprisingly, Isshi was beaten quickly and swiftly. But he enjoyed fighting. He enjoyed the adrenaline from it.

Eventually, when Isshi was seventeen, his grandfather discovered Isshi's fascination with death, as well as his secret sparring. He forbade Isshi from continuing to do either. Though angry, Isshi knew that what he had been doing was not something his grandparents would have agree with, and decided to keep his head down until he could leave.

On his eighteenth birthday, Isshi enrolled in a university, halfway across the states. He wasn't particularly interested in it, but wanted to be free from his grandparents overreaching control. Mundanely, he took classes and worked towards a degree in business.

One day, the sky seemed to tear open. Monsters poured out of the rift, as if invading the world. Everybody acted differently. But Isshi was fascinated. With a year left of school, he packed his bags and left. He decided to travel the world, find more about these odd beings, and perhaps even find some other interesting things in the world.

Soon enough, Isshi encountered one of those beings, who called themselves Amarans. Unfortunately, it was not friendly and attempted to attack and kill Isshi. Using what little combat knowledge he possessed, he managed to escape the Amaran, though he was left severely wounded. He passed out from the pain and the blood loss.

Isshi awoke in a house, in the room he did not recognize. It was a quaint house, not luxurious, yet also not run down. He discovered that a man had rescued him and brought him to his house. He also found that the man also encountered the Amaran, but disposed of him. Realizing that if he wanted to survive and fulfill his curiosity, Isshi asked the man for help, who reluctantly agreed.

The man, who only referred to himself as the Messenger, was a middle-aged and secluded man. He had knowledge in various weapons use, such as swords, axes, and the such. When the Messenger asked Isshi what he would like to learn how to use, Isshi chose a scythe, as he had seen one hanging up next to the rest of the weapons in the man's collection.

Surprised, yet not opposed, the Messenger started training Isshi, and after a month, decided that Isshi was trained enough. Promptly kicking him out, Isshi returned to his shortly lived mission.

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The Cascading Torrent

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PostSubject: Re: Isshi // The Reaper   Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:56 pm

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Isshi // The Reaper
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