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 Drakar Cahaya // The Leviathan

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The Leviathan

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PostSubject: Drakar Cahaya // The Leviathan    Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:55 pm

Name: Drakar Cahaya

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Personality: Drakar does not have a true moral standing, though it is safe to assume he is neutral. He generally views people who fight for the innocent to be expendable to a certain extent. He believes himself as expendable to his own degree as well. As a young boy, he desires power and knowledge but also wants to fight off the dark enemy known as heartless. He has reached a level of atonement with light and dark, using the Ouroboros of respective colors as a symbol of this. Drakar may seem peaceful but he does not put off as excessively rude or excessively kind. He believes in balance of good and bad, never dominating one or the other. Though he contradicts his views with his abilities. Generally, he has a common-sense view of combat and socialistic situations. Also, Drakar believes in common courtesy and will express kindness in this form.

During combat, he believes remorse to be useless. If one is the enemy and they are trying to engage in some form of important or life-threatening combat, he must respond with the same form of combat.

Elemental Affinity: Electricity - Space - Water

Statistical Progression Chart:

Agility -- High
Defense -- Moderately Below Average
Forge A.
Magic A. -- Moderately Above Average
Magic R. -- Low
Strength -- High

History: Drakar is a follower of a very ancient religion, Chiralism, a secret religion that used to exist in the days of the Roman Empire, following through and diminishing greatly up until the recent years. He was born from a family of Close-Quarters-Combat experts. While he was NOT raised with mixed martial arts, he was raised to fight not on a set amount of moves, but to adapt and attack in any way that made sense to the situation. While he was secretly trained in North America, he had to run from the government officials that hunted him and his family for truancy. After a while, they boarded a flight into Europe where he traveled, training and learning from the Book of Chiralism. After he reached fourteen, his parents fell ill, but it was due to a curse mysterious beings whom seemed to hunt down the remaining Followers of Ouroboros, the remaining Chiralists, and tried to kill them. Successfully killing his parents, Drakar became one of few to actually stay true to Chiralism. Many had descendants but let the past go in order to avoid the mysterious assailants.

Drakar had fell incognito for a while, traveling from Europe to Russia in its entirety, hoping to further his training through the harsh weather conditions.

Appearance: Drakar has a stout body and stands at 5'6" with shoulder-length, scruffy purple hair. He has a tattoo on his left and right hands which are two Ouroboros, one white and one black. On the left hand is the black Ouroboros with a Yin symbol on the inside. Respectively, on the right, is the white Ouroboros with a Yang symbol in the middle. He has a dirty but hairless body and has no sign of growing facial hair. His face is young and pale. He has a cleft chin and green eyes. Drakar has good posture but rough skin. His clothing is unique and violet-colored. One unique feature about his outfit is the spikes on his boots. He has a small shoulder piece on his right shoulder, connecting to his vest.

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The Cascading Torrent

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PostSubject: Re: Drakar Cahaya // The Leviathan    Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:05 pm

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Drakar Cahaya // The Leviathan
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