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 Rules & Regulations --

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations --    Thu Sep 05, 2013 11:28 am

General Rules

- No Godmodding. There are 3 basic types of Godmodding. They include Autohitting, Metagaming and Powerplaying. Autohitting is hitting someone without their permission. Metagaming is giving your character knowledge of events they shouldn't know of. And Powerplaying is giving your character strength that was not yet earned. It includes blocking or dodging every attack and is also known as Overpowering. There are other forms of Godmodding such as controlling other people's characters as well. The rule generally is: Don't do to others what you don't want done to yourself.  

-Building off that last rule, be sure to treat others with respect. Whatever actions happen in character are in character, however, you should treat members the same way you want to be treated in terms of opinions and beliefs. You are no better than any other member. Debates are allowed, just be sure to do so respectfully and don't attack the opponent personally.

- You are only allowed one account and one character per account. No exceptions.

-You are limited to 3 topics, maximum, at a single time. We advocate finishing any started business.

-When it comes to classifying RPs as private, open, or including names of members please use the description. On that same note, unless specified the topic is assumed to be open. You cannot create topic descriptions such as, "(Open except for so and so)".

- Do not double post. The only exception is when you're bumping an approval when it hasn't been looked at in 24 hours from your last post.

- If you have a relative using the same computer and IP address you will have to provide proof of their existence before they are allowed to use their account to RP on the site. The terms of proof will be discussed when the situation arises.

- The site is Rated M meaning we do allow explicit things to be RP'd. However, sex scenes are forbidden due to violating Forumotion's rules and regulations. You can merely, "Fade To Black".

-The site takes place in the current year but a different timeline.

-Members are not allowed to post in creations other than their own.

-Do not used the unapproved. If it has not been approved then you are not allowed to use it. You are also not allowed to use something in a topic that has been posted up for approval after you first started/joined the topic. Exiting and rejoining a topic will not be a valid excuse to get around this rule.

-Use the appropriate templates when posting in the forum where it was intended to be used.

-Any form of magic must use an interval of five. Other numbers that do not reach this requirement are not approvable.

-When casting anything in an RP topic link what was used and subtract the appropriate amount of magic from your mana pool.

-You can create things that cost more magic than you currently have but you cannot use them until you have the appropriate amount.
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Rules & Regulations --
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