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 Oriel Krista // Deadeye of The Family

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Deadeye of The Family

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PostSubject: Oriel Krista // Deadeye of The Family   Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:21 am

Name: Oriel Krista

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Personality: Oriel is very calm and collective. When comes to other people she is usually very kind and helpful however she does tend to go into moods where she will just tell people to go away or gets easily agitated. People often see her as quite serious though she does like to have fun, she just forgets to do so at times.

She holds a deep grudge against demons. As much as she hates to admit she loves to fight. She has other interests such as drawing and reading. Because of her losses she has a thing for alcohol. In combat she keeps her head well leveled thinking things through before taking action.

Elemental Affinity:

Statistical Progression Chart:

Accuracy -- High
Agility -- High
Defense -- Low
Forge A. -- Low
Magic A. --
Magic R. --
Stamina -- High
Strength --

Oriel was born into a nice middle class family as an only child in London. Through her childhood her parents showed a lot of love and care for her. She learned about painting, writing and making things as those are the things she enjoyed doing as a child. Coming up to the age of thirteen it would seem as though Oriel's parents were having a hard time keeping jobs and being around for Oriel so, off she went to a boarding school in the outskirts of London.

At her school things were very formal. The uniform was hideous, the teachers were strict and whilst eating the students would have to follow very high class manners. Oriel hated it from day one. However she would continue appearing in class for awhile.

Over the years Oriel made three best friends; Rose, Mason and James. They all shared the same hate for school and enjoyed getting rowdy after school. They'd often leave the grounds to hang out in the small town near the school. Having their families leave them all at this horrid school they all felt as though they were there new family. The group were generally all fit and would often have stupid little spars against each other, Mason always being the strongest in the group. Though they sometimes had different classes they would always be seen hanging together at breaks and lunch times, or sometimes just skipping class together.

At the age of seventeen Mason had decided that he had had enough of this school and hat he'd leave to join the army. He talked about it to the rest of the group, there was no stopping Mason so they all followed, not willing to break up the family to stay in this stupid school. So they left, the school they went to showing no care at all that they were gone.

Joining the Army the group settled in well there, despite the early mornings which Oriel hated they enjoyed the training they were given. For years and years they had trained, they were all overly determined to be good at what they did. Mason and James were obviously the best two at at hand to hand combat as Rose and Oriel had become better than the boys at using guns and medical kits. They demanded that if they were sent away for services that they would be stuck together as a squad, lucky for them they were. After three years of training they were ready to serve, there squad would end up being named "The Family".

The Family were sent on many high up missions, most of them classified to the public. They all worked well together and every single mission would be a success. Sometimes they would have to kill but they had gotten use to that sort of stuff. It did tear their souls apart a bit but they always seemed to get through so long as they had each other.

Every time Rose, Oriel, Mason and James would come back they'd be spending no time seeing their real families but would often find themselves with a bottle of whiskey and other delicious candies to celebrate their existence, or they'd just go on holidays together. The pay from the things that they did was horrendous, it would be strange that people their age could have so much money. The Family was living it up.

There came a mission that they were called in to do, it was very classified and was quite vague. The Family all geared up and reporting to their Colonel they were told what was to happen. "You are one of our best squads that we have free at the moment, there has been talk happening around the world saying were going to war with a force we don't know, we've heard this force has started making an attack in New Forest, we need you to check it out and report back to us what the enemy is. You will leave immediately, be careful." Looking at each other whilst the Colonel spoke they all looked a little confused, looking back to the Colonel to reply "Yes, sir!"

The Family left. James was driving the four wheel drive they were given to go there, it had no distinguished army look about it. The four conversed on the drive before arriving.

"This must be to keep the citizens calm huh?" Said James

"Must be.. I wonder what it is we're up against, sounds like something hard" Oriel spoke, showing concern over what was about to go down.

Mason always had trust in the team's success. "We'll be sweet guys don't worry, we just have to check it out and report back, nothing to worry about."

Rose stayed quiet, she was staring down to her lap holding her dog tags she nodded in agreement to what Mason said, a look in her eye said she didn't believe him which Oriel would notice. Oriel had a feeling that something wasn't right here as the team drove more south the feeling came stronger.

The Family came close to arriving at the New Forest national park, only an hour's drive left to go. However they shouldn't have gone further. Above the national park the skies were red and clouds turned black, the team looking out the windows to notice this. Rose was the first to talk about this,

"This looks kind of fucked up guys, I don't feel good about this maybe we should go back" she said.

Mason was quick to protest the idea. "It does look fucked up but we've never failed a mission, we can't go back now without finding what the source of this all is okay?"

"I agree with Mason, we've at least got to get a bit of information on this right?" Said Oriel.

"So do I. Maybe we should stop in at the next local's house we see to see if they have an opinion on this shit." James suggested. Spotting a house on a farm instantly he turned down the driveway to go up to the house. The rest of the team nodded.

They all stepped out of the car, their weapons and bags all strapped onto them. Mason went first, knocking on the door. "Hello! Anyone home?!" He shouted.

To be followed by a loud screech. It sounded nothing like a human or a bit of furniture moving. "See! What the fuck was that?" Rose was quick to say.

"Let's check it out." Oriel said, her curiosity getting the better of her.

The door was slammed open and The Family wandered through the house cautiously, checking each room. Rose called out to her team to come see something, it was disgusting. Corpses were laid out on the floor in the master bedroom. This caused the team to go into battle mode, holding their guns ready to fire at the sick thing that did this as they went to leave the house. Suddenly one of the creatures that had come to this realm came down the hallway as they were all about to leave. James was the first to see it shooting furiously as it came at him and the rest of the team shot at it too. It fell down to the floor dying after a few rounds were shot at it. The bullet shots echoed around the valley. The creature was most definitely not human. It had large ears, horns and a messed up body shape that looked somewhat human but it crawled like a spider.

"We need to get out of here and go back." Mason said instantly, seeing that messed up creature was enough information they needed, it had no weapons, it had done this to this innocent family by itself. For all The Family knew there could be more. With that they all got back in the car, James took off quickly down the long drive way. There was complete silence til they got back onto the road.

"What was that thing?" Said James whilst driving.

"I don't know but if there was more of them it would have heard its kin getting shot at, we need to get back quick." Said Mason, he always seemed like the leader ever since they left school.

It was too late. James put the breaks on suddenly. As seven of the creatures stood in front of the car on the road, blocking the way. "We're fucked." He said, ripping his dog tags off letting them fall to the floor of the car. Rose did the same, tears falling from her eyes. Mason and Oriel looked to each other, their heads shaking as they readied their weapons.

"We never fail guys, we've got to try fight!" Said Mason stepping out of the car firing at one of the creatures as they came towards them.

There was nothing the team could do, they all jumped out of the car and shot at the creatures. Only two of them going down as the other six had reached them. One by one they picked up Oriel's family members around her, Rose, James and Mason shooting and screaming as the creatures picked them up. Oriel's friends were about to get ripped limb from limb. Tears rolled from her eyes as she stood still watching her friends get killed by these creatures. The creatures left her there to watch, taking her weapons as she was frozen still.

After her friends were killed one of the creatures came up to Oriel looking her dead in the eye. Oriel could see nothing of fear or love in the creatures eyes as it smiled at her. "Go tell the rest of your Army that The Aramanth is here." This was followed by them disappearing just like that. Her family's body parts left behind. Oriel broke down completely, hating what those creatures had done. She grabbed Mason's dog tags off his body and jumped in the car to head back to base.

She arrived. Her face expressionless as she reported back with the information that was needed.

"They call themselves The Aramanth, they are strong and much more ready than we are. They killed the rest of my team. They come in different forms, I don't understand the creatures but they're disgusting."

She told the offices. The Colonel was to come see her soon to give a debriefing. Oriel sat, waiting for someone to say something comforting but there was no one. She had lost everyone she loved. The man came to talk to her.

"I'm sorry about the loss, I know how close you and your team members were. You should take a leave for awhile and we'll assign you to a new team. Once again The Family was successful."

Holding their dog tags in her hand her body started to shake, she had no idea what to do.

"The rest of their salaries will go to you as you're basically family. I'll see you again in a few months."

That was it, she couldn't continue being in the army without her friends, right there on the spot, with all the money she was getting she quit.

"I'm leaving the army Colonel, it's not the same without them. There's nothing you can do to convince me to stay. I'm keeping these too." She said holding their dog tags in her hand.

To Oriel's shock the Colonel was fine with it, it was often that people would lose their loved ones in battle. "That's okay, if you ever want to come back you can. Goodluck Lieutenant Krista"

With that Oriel left the army. She found herself alone in her apartment in London that night, a bottle of whiskey polished by the end of the night all by herself. It was going to take time to move on but she knew, if she ever saw one of those creatures again, she'd try to hurt it. She knew a war was coming however with the mourning of her losses she chose not to fight in it. For now, it would appear as though she was retired with the money she got paid out.

Appearance: Oriel has a fair skin tone and stands at 5'6'' weighing 130lbs. She has a very slim physique holding nice feminine curves. Her facial features are very sleek, her eyes are a light blue - green colour, she sometimes wears make up. Oriel's hair is moderately long and is coloured light pink, naturally being blonde.
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The Cascading Torrent

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PostSubject: Re: Oriel Krista // Deadeye of The Family   Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:29 am

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Oriel Krista // Deadeye of The Family
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