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 Observation -- (Open)

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The Clandestine Superstition

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PostSubject: Re: Observation -- (Open)   Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:04 am

Something stirred within one of the buildings above. While chaos reigned in a demonic invasion something ancient had emerged above the war waging beneath his feet. An entity who seemed human approached a window and gazed down angrily at what sit in the streets below. An army wished to claim this city from his grasp.

This would not stand. He did not live thousands of years and wrap hundreds of millions of these human cattle around the tips of his fingers for these pathetic "Amaran" to come through some dimensional asshole like the excrement they were and wreck his plans. He beat his fist against the window and it shattered like nothing, the shards rushing down to the world below. "You've all come here to conquer this world like you've placed a stake in it," he laughed greedily. A huge surge of water began to build behind the building in which he stood. Seconds later, the building he was in lurched forward on its foundation and began to creak. From around him and the buildings behind him, a massive Tsunami had speed forward.

The current began to rip the building he was in free of its roots and he stepped back into the mirror behind him. "I only wish that I could be here in person," he grinned.

Elsewhere, a girl suddenly appeared on a deserted street. She was behind the flood now, wearing a different face and watching the wave rip forward across the city before her. Her form was feminine. With red hair and hazel eyes, her fair skin seemed almost as if it would act as a second source of light. Radiant and speckled with freckles she brandished a very unassuming sword. The dark pull of the blade was moot to her. She did not feel it at all. An invisible chain bound it to her wrist. The sword would never leave her reach. She placed its blade against the grounds and began to stride forward, the weapon cutting a deep gash in the street as she walked from the spot that had spawned her.

"This world is full of mirrors," she cooed. "I am the greatest of all."

Mirror Teleport x2 = 10 MP
Flood x1 = 200 MP
Legion x1 = 25 MP
-235 MP, 135 remaining

מאנה: 370
אלמנטים: מים ,אִלוּזִדְיוֹ ,יָה
האיש הכחול
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The Absolved Damnation

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PostSubject: Re: Observation -- (Open)   Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:40 am

Speeding up mid roll with spider boys legs coming at him he felt his back get slashed open, however his response was to just simply laugh as he felt the skin pierced and slight amount of blood spurt out.

Looking over he sat Indian style and watched spiderboy................leave?

Spiderboy was jumping to a near by building

......maybe he had to use the bathroom?




That wasn't the case turns out he was webbing the entire area that they were within, Onyx simply shrugged, what good would that do spider boy?

Well he may have wanted it to be more like his home where ever that may be who knew. With a sigh Onyx got up easily tracking his moments, however it seem's this was the least of his worries now.

A little further ahead from where they were there was a....


"Ah shit."

Onyx exclaimed with a hint of annoyance, there was a building not just one or two, but a alot they were on there way too mashing forth through other buildings with a great huge tsunami wave behind them.

Onyx tilted his head.

"Well this is gonna hurt."

The boy sighed once more a moment later 'BANG' the first building collided with him as he was knocked back being completely engulfed by the coming tsunami wave that would follow.

The File of Onyx
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The Cascading Torrent

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PostSubject: Re: Observation -- (Open)   Fri Sep 13, 2013 4:28 pm

The adrenaline poured out as he escaped and began to avoid the massive army as they continued to hunt him down. He was the only prey so far that they hadn't been able to capture nor kill. This would all come to an end as he noticed a giant wave that would come across the city. With a smirk he stopped and turned around as they all looked and ran. Water? Please, they were all done for now.

As he began to move his body to increase the speed it didn't seem to work. Turning around confused he began to attempt to manipulate it again. Eyes opening wide, despite being hidden by his mask, he realized that this was magical water. That was the only explanation for him not being able to manipulate it. By the time he realized this it was too late to activate any abilities and he had to take the full force of the tsunami as he did the best he could to avoid the buildings within them.

Granted, he wasn't doing an amazing job. If anything, he was barely passable having to take them to face at times after avoiding others. Trying to get to the top of the wave he was unsure how long he would be able to hold his breath. He couldn't even create a bubble of air for him to potentially breathe which would cause some issues. If this water got in his lungs then he could legitimately drown. This wasn't Hawaii. He couldn't coax the water out of his lungs if it called for it.

Panicking he began to fight towards the top of the wave. Only time would tell if any of this could be a success.
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PostSubject: Re: Observation -- (Open)   

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Observation -- (Open)
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