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 Neptune // The Cascading Torrent

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The Cascading Torrent

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PostSubject: Neptune // The Cascading Torrent    Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:24 pm


December 31st // 19



Neptune is adaptive. There aren't many situations where he finds himself unable to adapt to a persona that needs to be dawned. However, he may choose not to do this in order to stay to his roots. Although, through stealth and covert missions he was able to become a completely different person and despite still using this to parade fake identities as he travels having been removed from the system he stills stays true to his morals.

A creative individual that is great at improv during combat or noncombat related scenarios he takes much interest in the arts. Music, drawing and photography interest him. This is mainly due to perspective and interpretation. He enjoys the idea of looking at the same objects as others but seeing something different. This is something that helped him be more sporadic in combat and become hard to read or predict.

Despite his creative nature this does not mean he is not eloquent in terms of logic. Maths aren't his passion but is still decent at them. In fact, he wasn't particularly amazing at his interests either he is just passionate about certain aspects of them. Language is a weakness for him. He enjoyed the beauty and structure of the other languages he just couldn't become fluent in anything other than English despite his mother constantly speaking to him in spanish.

Philosophical and passive he thinks about life and his decisions much too often. This can lead to indecision and him not acting aggressive enough when the time comes. This isn't prevalent in combat but it is in many social situations. He is a man of thought more so than a man of action. He has trouble finding the balance in between things and sometimes when trying to become more of a man of action he makes mistakes that he normally wouldn't have because of his hesitance. Despite this, he fairs well due to his cunning and detached personality which makes certain decisions regarding life easier to make for him than most.

Elemental Affinity:
Water // Nature // Space

Statistical Progression Chart:
High // Low

Forge A.
Magic A.
Magic R.  

Born in the island of Puerto Rico as a result of a popped rubber from 9 months prior, Neptune was brought into this world by a single mother. Most of his child hood hre escapes him. This is no surprise as there wasn't much activity going on within the first three years of his life before he ended up moving to the Bronx. In the Bronx with his Mother, Uncle and Nana he ended up staying around for about 4 years before moving out. He still has foggy memories about this as well. He remembers a couple of buildings he used to play in front of from the apartment complex they lived in, a garage that his uncle was in once as he rode his motorcycle, and a zoo that was interesting as a child but faded the older he got.

At the age of 7 he ended up moving to the town he'd end up spending most of his memorable childhood in. This city was rather small but had a negative reputation. However, the rent was affordable and he was only living with his mother here since his Uncle and Nana had to move back to Puerto Rico in order to capitalize on the job opportunity. In the new apartment complex there was a makeshift and rusted park that he and the other kids were able to play on. There wasn't much going on here either aside the occasional group gathering together and playing their games. He was the quiet one and although not an outcast he didn't particularly bond well with anyone in that group.

He was much more captivated in Summers where he used to fly to Puerto Rico and stay with his uncle for two months. He didn't realize it then but it was because of his mother's financial strain. Even so, his Uncle would spar with he and his cousin and constantly beat them until they gave up. However, they were persistent. As a grown adult he was clearly holding back but the hours spent getting hit were torture for the children but they couldn't stop laughing. They enjoyed it.

As he and his younger cousin grew older they were eventually taught how to fight to some degree. His uncle had some military training but wasn't an amazing warrior by any means classically. The two ended up going to a couple of martial arts classes but due to leaving every Summer he progressed more slowly than his cousin, who also happened to be larger and stronger than him. Despite eventually growing to be 5' 10" he was still a runt in the family. Most of the men stood at about 6' 4" or 6' 5", despite how little men were actually within it.

Being in school was boring and he was academically decent. He couldn't bring himself to study or to actually try for A's. He'd settle with a B at best and stay at a healthy C in order to pass the classes. His mother scolded him but his attitude never changed. Deciding to join wrestling at 9 due to wanting to keep up with his cousin he ended up having a knack for it. Using his body came naturally and although he wasn't super athletic with it he did have the subtle movements that helped him a grand deal. Regardless, when he visited for the next Summer he and his cousin were on more even grounds.

As wrestling ended up getting more intense and an actual challenge as a 13 year old he was confronted by one of the school bullies and refused to back down for once. He was aware of his skill and the bully's lack of so why should he hold back? Getting into a fight and knocking the bully out with a lucky hit, despite breaking two of his knuckles, he was confronted by the rest of the members of the gang his older brother was a part of after school.

He ended up getting beaten to a bloody pulp before being dragged into this abandon warehouse where he was tied up to a chair. He would've cried if he thought it would've done anything. Maybe standing, or well sitting, firm was the best action he could take. And it was.

As they went and surrounded him they inducted him into their gang -- against his will. Choosing survival over what he assumed would be death he ended up joining and being one of the brutes. He had to get into a lot of street fights and learn to mix the martial arts and wrestling that he had learned in order to fare well. Not to mention the art of a street fight was completely different.

Eventually fairing well he stopped going to wrestling practices at 15 which brought the attention of his injuries to his mother. He couldn't play it off as wrestling injuries anymore like he did for the last couple of years so they got into a large argument. He promised he would leave the gang and focus on school studies.

He didn't.

Being more careful with fights now he was getting a bit of notoriety for having this winning streak. This was mainly due to his rank and how he was fighting lower members that were probably not as fit as he was but he didn't draw attention to it. Eventually, someone pulled out a knife.

It wasn't too large of an issue until others pulled out knives as well and once they got an inevitable stab in after missing maybe twice he went to the ground. They all ran like the cowards they were. One of them did respect him though having fought him multiple times before. He called 911 and let the paramedics come and take him to the hospital. Now 16, his mother found out that he had been lying about having left the gang for about 6 to 8 months and was furious despite her son being injured.

She could only think about what would've happened if they didn't stop. Making sure he was safe she sent him to a program in Samoa that essentially scared kids straight. There were different levels of access and at first you started with nothing. Eventually, you would get all the luxuries you earned and would get free at either 18 or 21 depending on how well you behaved.

Now in his more rebellious phase he was stuck there for a year without progressing to the next level. Making friends with the bad crowd who would seemingly be stuck there until he was 21 he was met with a kid who had been there for drug addiction and despite being sober he still always acted as if he was in a zen like mood.

This person showed him how to calm himself and to clear his mind, which admittedly helped him. He wasn't naturally aggressive and being as such through him off. Eventually coming to grips with what he had to do to get out he started behaving. A couple of fights setting him back but not for long due to having to defend himself. While here he made sure to keep himself safe.

Now 18 and back home he ended up joining the military. There wasn't much else to do. His grades were average up until the point where he got sent away where they took a drop and then went severely high. Even so, that wasn't going to take him far. Deciding to try to raise money for his mom so they could get out of the lower middle class and hopefully get into the upper middle class he would sacrifice his soul to work for the government.

Within this time he made a couple of friends but yet again no one that was particularly close. Perhaps he was more of a loner after all.  

He served his two years and was going to pursue a behind the desk job, not wanting to worry his mother about things that she used to worry about but then The Amaranth arrived. He assumed he would be deployed. He was wrong.

There was apparently a task force named GOVERNANCE: Order of Delta Sector that was being made to fight against these creatures. These magical beings were a pollutant to the world but they did give the scientists and opportunity to afflict these of the Delta Sector with magic and give them an affinity for them. They were beyond human but still it. Perhaps it was the rift that gave them access to this power due to them having to use much of it in small doses in order to develop the bodies. Had these not been in prime condition they wouldn't have survived.

Eager to take the fight to them Neptune was disappointed when there was much training to deal with. There wasn't anything he could do to speed the process and eventually he would be glad because of that.

As time passed he found himself really vibing with many of the members of this project. However, there were a couple standout relationships he had. Diana was his love interest, Apollo was his mentor, Mercury was his partner in mischief, Mars was a bully he despised and Jupiter was his rival. The rest of them he was cool with but didn't have anything aside the typical brotherhood. This might have been because of lack of interaction or perhaps due to being busy with these relationships.

Diana was number 2. She was two ranks higher than Neptune and she was disappointed he wouldn't take 3. She had fought both Neptune and Mars and while Mars was much larger Neptune overall was the better fighter and even admitted to giving up the certain fights in order to keep his average fourth.

He made excuses about not wanting the responsibility or the pressure to do well. This was a small tension within their relationship, if you could even call it that. The emotions were really one sided and Diana used him physically more so if anything, although, that's what happened much of the time during these exercises. What else would you expect with all the training that mixed men and women did? This was intense conditioning and they needed to relieve stress.

Eventually, they would be deemed prepared to go on their first mission and it was a decent success. There wasn't too much collateral damage and everyone was alive having won the battle. Things weren't so fortunate the second time.

Being split up into factions the top four were out there meant to completely destroy the fields. Which they were doing. However, tides would eventually turn and despite their best efforts there wasn't much they could do once the heavy hitters came out and it became a slaughter.

Back up came and they tried fighting one of these boss level monsters but to no avail. There were many of their team slaughtered, including Apollo. Understanding the situation and how this was a war zone he wouldn't let the remaining people die before he did. At least he hoped.

As he stood among the ranks: Jupiter, Diana, Mars, Neptune and Mercury were all that were left. It was unfortunate but the rest had believed themselves ready and able. The only reason Mercury survived was due to how well he was able to move and how he was smart enough to survive opposed to fight.

As the orders were given Jupiter led the team to retreat. However, Mars and Mercury were caught fighting the creature. Caring more for the two higher members Jupiter was adamant they leave due to the orders given. Diana disagreed. She charged in with Neptune who wasn't about to let his best friend die and the two would attack the monster. As the bodies were thrown to them they caught them but this led to the creature charging up an attack as its tentacles and extra appendages sunk into the ground. They attempted to slash at it but the injuries weren't severe enough and they were already depleted of their energies.

As Jupiter took a stance before them all the giant beam of energy was launched at the group and he lifted his shield. The shield blocked the entire force but the energy kept traveling around. Luckily, like water, an eddy was formed creating a gap where the energy lay. Yet, they weren't safe yet. As Diana and Neptune helped keep the shield stable they hadn't noticed that Mars and Mercury had ran off before the beam was fired. As the beam started catching up with them Mars looked back and panicked. He couldn't accept defeat, regardless of the cost. His pride was in the way. Number four wasn't going to survive and three die. He pulled Mercury in front of him and used him as a human shield.

This wasn't strong enough to keep him alive. They both died, their bodies charred. As the three now ran Neptune held back tears in spite the of rage that welled within his stomach. As their torn and tattered clothes were not drenched in the failure of the mission they sat at the table with what they called, "The Architect."

"I want out." Neptune said, "I want my old life back. Not this shit."

He wasn't particularly vulgar most of the time but the word just bubbled out of his mouth. Diana looked at him with concern while Jupiter had that same blank face as always. Never letting you get the better of him.

"There is no old life." The Architect stated. "Upon joining this program all ties you've had with anyone whose come in contact with you has been removed. As were your files. A mix of magic and science makes breaking into security rather simple."

"I don't want to work for you anymore!" Neptune yelled, standing up and slamming his hands on the table.

Sighing, The Architect responded, "You aren't. This was dubbed a failure do to the loss. However, in order to keep hush hush about this we will be providing you with sanctuary and whatnot since you have no identity."

Leaving the table he would go to his thinking spot by the lake. He tossed rocks and didn't care to skip them. He just wanted to throw them as hard as he could. He had to let the rock find its own path in its destiny. He was projecting.

Diana sat next to him, Jupiter hadn't followed. "It's war." She explained to him, hopefully making him come to grips with the fact that it was inevitable and how it was their fate to die. They were conditioned to fight and despite being in the sanctuary they all knew they would end up trying to save others from what they had. Neptune looked at her with eyes of longing and stayed silent. It was obvious that there was more to this than just helping him cope with the loss.

"I'm going." She began.

"Where?" He asked.

"Anywhere. I'm going to help keep peace among the world."

"You'll fail."

"I'll try."

"You'll fail.."

"I'll try, Neptune." She said. "Damn, why don't you ever try to tackle something greater than yourself. You have all this potential and all you do is try to keep this stagnant life of yours. You have an opportunity others don't. Use it!"

As she turned around to leave Neptune grabbed her hand to stop her. She looked back and the two had a moment before getting in close. Her arms around his neck, his hands on her waist. The two moved in close their lips grazing each other before the kiss Neptune had been awaiting. Before this Diana moved her lips to his ear and whispered, "I'm sorry, Neptune. It's over."

As she left he just stood there discontent. Maybe if he was a stronger man. Maybe if he was willing to fight for something he'd be able to win her over. He stood at the lake for another hour before heading back to the facility and asking Jupiter where she went.

"She left." He would respond.

"Where?" Neptune asked.

Jupiter was silent. He wasn't big on playing the question game. Especially when he knew that they had the conversation prior. Sighing, Neptune asked, "What're you going to do?"

"Staying in the sanctuary until I'm given other orders."

Neptune left. He disliked that Jupiter only followed orders and never stood up for his own moral compass. That's why he felt Diana was the better leader. She cared about the people and not the orders that were given to him. As Neptune packed his stuff he would search for her through the world. He was unsure why he did this but hopefully things would change.

As he traveled the worlds and followed her spending due to the three sharing the same account for the company he ended up catching up to her. There were obviously many fights in between, near death experiences and completely lost tracks. However, he would see her outside of a hotel and catch up to her. As she saw him she kissed him and he was happy for the moment. Despite that, there was business that needed to be taken care of. The two ended up going to a café and she drank some coffee or whatever while Neptune just sit there.

"I'm glad I could help show you the world." She said, smiling.

"You knew?" He asked.

"Of course. I knew you would chase me."

As she got up and took his hand she brought him back to the hotel, the two were silent for the majority of the time. As they went in her bedroom she quickly discarded clothing and hopped on top of him. They would enjoy the physical experience for however long it lasted but when it was over Neptune would bring up the business he came here to discuss.

"Listen," He began, "It's over."


"It's over."

"Go on.."

"I can't keep doing this. I was always just a physical puppet to you. You always made me chase you, you gave me just enough attention to want more. You're even doing it now. I understand you have needs and that you can't break your demeanor in front of other people but I can't have this type of relationship."


"No. I'm done."

He left her to her journey before embarking on his own quest. Looking for something to accomplish within these worlds. The Amaranth and humanity weren't vastly different. There was some good and bad within them all. It was just a power struggle. He now wandered looking for a purpose in the world.

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Neptune // The Cascading Torrent
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