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The Cascading Torrent

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PostSubject: >>[[Neptune]]    Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:54 pm

>>USB located
>>Importing files...

>>Incomplete Data.

>>Do you wish to continue?

>>Accessing >>[[StatisticalSheet]]...
>>File successfully transferred.

>>High // Low

>>Forge A.
>>Magic A.
>>Magic R.  

>>Accessing >>[[Character]] file...
>>File successfully transferred.


>>Accessing >>[[Armory]] files...
>>20% Complete


>>Accessing >>[[Spell]] files...
>>20% Complete


>>Accessing >>[[Summons]] files...
>>No Data Available.

>>Accessing >>[[Forms]] files...
>>12.5% Complete


>>Accessing >>[[Enchantments]] files...
>>66.6% Complete


>>Processing remaining files...
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