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 Spell Rules & Template --

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PostSubject: Spell Rules & Template --    Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:37 pm

Spells Rules and Regulations

-Do not post multiple spells in one topic.
-There are no reversal effects. This means no spell and etc that make it so if someone is meant to burn something to the second degree they instead heal a second degree burn. Time reversal under proper circumstances is allowed since it doesn't change the effect of something intended.
-There are no absorption techniques that allow you to gain the amount of magic someone else has. They can make a Spell that gives their own magic away but that is all.
-No copying techniques.
-No mana draining techniques.
-No mana locking techniques.  
-No freelance shapeshifting. If you are going to change your entire body it will take a Form slot and you will only be able to change into that one thing.
-There are no topic crossing abilities.
-There are no type advantages when it comes to magic. If a 10 MP fireball and a waterball of the same cost collide they would both dissipate and cancel each other out. If a 20 MP fireball and a 10 MP waterball collide the fireball would be weakened by the same amount that it would be weakened by if hit by a fireball that was worth 10 MP. However, things sometimes need to be looked at a case by case basis if magic starts to affect terrain.

Spells Template

Name: (What is the name of the spell you are applying for?)

Element(s): (What elements, if any, apply to this spell?

Cost: (How much does this spell cost?)

Effect: (What effect(s) does your spell have on people or things?)

History: (How did you acquire this spell? Optional.)

[b][u]Name[/u][/b]: [i](What is the name of the spell you are applying for?)[/i]

[b][u]Element(s)[/u][/b]: [i](What elements, if any, apply to this spell?[/i]

[b][u]Cost[/u][/b]: [i](How much does this spell cost?)[/i]

[b][u]Effect[/u][/b]: [i](What effect(s) does your spell have on people or things?)[/i]

[b][u]History[/u][/b]: [i](How did you acquire this spell? Optional.)[/i]
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Spell Rules & Template --
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