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 The Eye of Providence //

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The Cascading Torrent

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PostSubject: The Eye of Providence //    Sun Sep 15, 2013 3:42 pm

The Eye of Providence

Magic Cost


When active The Eye of Providence enhances the users natural sight in order to make it compatible with the magical uses of the its independent sight. It first increases the users natural sight to be able to function like the Mantis Shrimp. It also gives the natural sight the ability to see three hundred sixty degrees. Doing this also binds the users sight not to their eyes but to the magical matrix of the body, meaning that they can see when this is active as long as they are alive. Otherwise, the removal of their physical eyes does not effect this sight. While his normal eyes are subject to light and darkness as normal the extra vision given by The Eye of Providence is reliant on light or the lack of in order to see. Instead this form of sight allows the user to view the planes of magic in multiple ways. Such ways include knowing the amount of magic within a person (not to mention their power level) and their abilities as well as their elemental affinities and the elemental alignments of any magic used. The viewing of magic is given the same scope as his normal eyesight in terms of abilities hues and etc. while also making it so his brain isn't overwhelmed by such sight. The two sights work well in conjunction but need not be used together in order to function properly.
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The Eye of Providence //
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