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 What are our stats and why are they important?

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PostSubject: What are our stats and why are they important?   Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:58 pm

Stats are a learning curve that your character's growth will follow. There are 8 categories basic that you can choose from in your character application.

A brief explanation of your Stats.

The first of which is Accuracy. This is rather self explanatory. Accuracy determines your character's overall accuracy in whatever they do. This includes magical and physical attacks, jumping from point A to point B and etc.

The following stat is Agility. This includes things such as your characters speed, how well they can control their body and etc.

After that we come to Defense which is a reflection of your physical defense and how well your character can cope with those attacks. The higher this stat the less damage you'd take from normal attacks.

Forge A. stands for Forge Affinity. This described how well aligned your character is in magic in terms of making items. This isn't only applicable with the armory slots but any slots related to Forge like abilities.

Magic A. stands for Magical Affinity. This is essentially how well aligned your character is with magic. This means they can create more for less. A person with a High inclination to Magic A. can get more for 5 MP than a person with an average inclination Magic A.

Magic A. and Forge A. both are more effective the Higher you are in the stat and the results will show through the power of your respective slot usage.

Magic R. stands for Magical Resistance. This is essentially your Defense but in regards to magical damage and influence opposed to physical damage and influence.

Stamina is how long your character can last while doing physical activity. This is not only for combat but in general such as running or climbing a mountain. The higher your stamina the longer your character can last at extended strenuous activity.

Strength is your character's physical strength. This refers to lifting power, striking power and everything else included in your character's physical prowess.

Why are they important?

Your stat choice is important because it determines the growth curve for your character. The more RPs you post, the more points you get. And the more points you get, the more powerful your character is.

However, there are still differences between characters that must be maintained by these statistical differences. The points aren't going to define exactly where we stand due to just being a figurative number to give us a raw idea of what we can manage. However, there will be some placeholders to let us know how far we can take this site.

At 0 points you are a typical human. There is nothing particularly interesting about you aside the slight magical inclination that you have.
At 25,000 points you are at the center and tip the scale to the more fantasy and are able to dodge and withstand bullets with ease.
At 50,000 points you are able to scar the world with a full blown 500 MP spell, however, you cannot destroy the planet.

The way the curve works is that you gain strength in every aspect of the stat but some grow more quickly than others, while others grow more slowly. Aside the definitions posted previously there will be nothing to let you know where you stand. This is due to us wanting to trust the site with godmodding and being able to respect each other as fellow RPers.

If staff needs to get involved, we will.
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What are our stats and why are they important?
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